The experience of trauma can impact every aspect of life and influence our perspective, emotions, behaviour, choices and decisions. This requires us to adjust to our new feelings, new realities and new ways of being and doing.

To move beyond trauma and live a happy fulfilled life it is vital to accept feeling and being different, channel your power to choose to design your future and decide and commit to how you want to live.

Remember that you have survived, and although you may be and feel different, this version of you is far stronger than the one before, even if it doesn’t feel that way yet.

Why would you give up on yourself now, after living through what you have?

Now is the time to take the reins of your future and authentically reinvent yourself and rebuild your life.

Feeling and Being Different   

The necessary reviews about life implications, challenges and well-meaning questions about how we are adjusting after trauma, can result in us becoming accustomed to repeatedly questioning ourselves.

This creates an emphasis on the trauma’s negative implications which impacts our confidence. It’s vital to focus on the fact that you have survived, you are strong and you have the ability to reinvent your life. Determination to be more than your trauma and to succeed in creating a fulfilled life breeds confidence.

Personally, I Initially felt rather displaced internally and socially because I no longer fitted into the life I had before my accident. I was different because my perspective on life had changed, which affected my emotions, behaviour, choices and decisions. While I was still interested in things from before my trauma, I also recognized that many of my old interests and goals had become outdated.

I needed to review myself and my interests to work out what I wanted in life and create new goals to achieve that.

It’s important to acknowledge how you feel now and take steps to identify what you want for your future.

You can change your life by letting go of the limits you have accepted and any ideas and goals that don’t serve you. Make the decision; commit to never settling for less than what you could be and achieve. Start by getting back in touch with yourself and what you want.

Channel Your Power to Choose to Design Your Future

You have the choice and the power to begin again at any time, to create a new identity and design your future.

For as long as we remain focused on the past and compare our life with how it was, we hold ourselves back from growing and attracting opportunities to bring us happiness and fulfillment.

Change – especially sudden change, often creates a strong sense of loss, so it’s vital to realize that you have not lost choice. You can choose what changes to make to your life. This enables you to shift your focus away from what you have lost or might lose or don’t want, to what you do want and can gain.

Never underestimate the power of your will and your mind. What you believe influences what you do. If you don’t believe you can achieve something, then you likely won’t take the steps or make the changes necessary to achieve it. In this regard, knowledge is power, because knowing there are available options supports your belief in the ability to achieve your desired results.

Choose to adopt the lifestyle you want and live empowered. Choose to learn and improve yourself and aim to be your personal best.

Self-improvement and education offer growth and fuels progress. It also serves to shift your focus away from problems toward solutions.

Decide and Commit to How You Want to Live

Intention and commitment to how you want to live positively influences your beliefs, builds confidence, and supports independence. It also provides you with numerous opportunities to experience new things.

When you decide and commit to how you want to live everything else becomes subject to certain prerequisites and standards that support it. This then influences your choices, decisions, and actions and affects your mood, emotions, relationships, and behaviour.

Intention and commitment are powerful because with these, you can wire your brain for success!

Establish your intention by identifying how you want to live and commit to it by creating a plan and taking action.

8 Key Points to Embrace Change and Move Beyond Trauma

  1. Remember that embracing change allows you to identify what serves you best and provides you with the opportunity to expand your life and create happiness and fulfillment.
  2. Decide how you want to live. Set that as your goal, create a plan, and take action to achieve it.
  3. Recognize that you are courageous and challenge yourself to go outside your comfort zone to claim your new life and recognize this as your choice and under your control.
  4. Research and try new things to develop tenacity and skill and focus on what’s possible instead of thinking about what might not be possible.
  5. Don’t accept the likely limitations associated with your trauma without challenging them first.
  6. Set the standard and stay committed to achieving the life you want. Decide, be open-minded and flexible and take action.
  7. Your trauma and experiences give you strength that helps you rise to a higher level. Recognize that you are a survivor and that you have a warrior in you who can face any battle and be courageous when it seems unimaginable. Believe that you will prosper.
  8. Recognize that you are not the label of your trauma. You are an individual, and you can be who you choose to be!


The basis of my coaching is that we have the power to create opportunity from trauma. The experience of trauma provides us with lessons that, when acknowledged, can be used to better ourselves and improve our life.

This is what I call a ‘tragic opportunity’ and is also the name of my business. I have defined a ‘tragic opportunity as an opportunity you create that is available to you because of your trauma. The tragedy is the trauma experienced; the opportunity is what you have learned and how you choose to use that learning to better yourself and your life.

Embracing change empowers you to harness the power of choice and direct your focus to create an enriched life beyond trauma.

There are lessons available to you as a direct result of your trauma, and those lessons provide opportunities to use that knowledge to improve yourself and your life.

Moving beyond trauma and creating an enriched, fulfilled life involves recognizing what you want for your life, identifying your options, setting goals, and creating and executing an action plan to achieve them.

Be persistent in challenging yourself and set goals. Embrace change, lean, grow, heal and create and live an enriched, happy life beyond trauma.

You have the choice and the power to begin again at any time, to create a new identity and design your future.

Choose Your Power! Never Give Up!

Deborah Stathis

Tragic Opportunities Pty Ltd

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