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Expert in Mind | Muscle | Metabolism

Susan Peirce Thompson

Coach | Author | Speaker

Josée Lavigueur

Fitness Coach

Jennifer Brodeur

Founder of JB Skin Guru | Entrepreneur | Teacher | Skin Strategist

Ocean Robbins

Author | Food Revolutionary | Speaker

Are you overweight, overtired and overstressed?

Think you’re too old to lose the weight? Feel like a failure because you’ve wasted so much time, energy, and money on diet plans that didn’t work? Disappointed when you look in the mirror? Hate to have your picture taken? Fed up?

I get it

That was me not so long ago.

Imagine what your life would look like if you lost all that extra weight (especially the dreaded muffin top) and got into a right-sized body. Ditch the joint pain. Have tons of ENERGY! Cross your legs. Love what you see in the mirror. Have your picture taken. Wear cute clothes. Look forward to bathing suit shopping. Move around freely. Travel the world.

The possibilities are endless!

Transformation is possible for you if you WANT it enough.

The hardest part is GETTING STARTED!

And I’m here to help you.


Angelique Beauregard

“The journey to a healthier you has never been more fun! Take the first steps towards change by following Angelique in her path towards the best self-care there is. Congratulations, Angelique, on a job well done!”

Nikki Arnold Author of POSITIVITHINK™

“Gone are the days of yo-yo weight loss and fad diets! A Second Coming of Age is here to save all of us from the pains of constantly losing the weight loss battle.”

Susie Nelsen Author of Finishing Well

“Have a bit of consistency in life and nail your weight loss goals with A Second Coming of Age. Let Angelique take you on a journey of proper health, and drop those pounds for good.”

Nicole Normand Author of Why Not You?

“A Second Coming of Age is the book every weight watcher will ever need. From activities to meal plans, this book has got it all. Say goodbye to sad and unappetizing diet food, as Angelique opens new dimensions to a more fun and successful road in accomplishing your weight goals!”

Queen Nkomo Authors of The Super ACHIEVER’s Syndrome

"Angelique shares a ton of great information about your body, how you digest, and why it’s so important to free yourself from flour and sugar. I love her tools, and her theories make sense to me. She is very inspirational and informative, as well as welcoming and warm. She doesn’t judge. She meets me where I am so I can move forward at my own pace."

Catherine Prosser

"I appreciate our conversation yesterday. I definitely feel it helped me release some things I didn’t even know we’re blocking me.”

Carol Messer

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