The Key to Creating Change to Improve Your Life  – Why Optimism is Not Enough

Taking action is essential to creating change. Inaction leads to an outcome more tortuous in the long term than the current situation. Choosing to act might seem hard because there are challenges. However, challenges provide opportunities and empower you, and the outcome is worth it.

Break out beyond the perceived limitations of your situation by deciding what to do with your life and how you want to live. Then create an action plan to achieve it.

Why Optimism and Positive Thinking Are Not Enough

Being optimistic and applying positive thinking is a starting point to leverage off to create hope and get into the right mental and emotional state before taking the action needed.

Unfortunately, many people work hard to master optimism and positive thinking and then end up upset and frustrated when nothing much changes. This is because what they’ve done is master being hopeful. While this is great in terms of state of mind, feelings, and attracting positive energy, the crucial part is missing: The action plan to achieve the desired outcome.

Optimism and positive thinking don’t really change anything. Rather, they provide a great starting point to leverage off. The power lies in taking action! Action creates change. This is the “how” of what you are hoping for by being optimistic and thinking positive thoughts.

The first action you can take is internal. You can create change by assessing your situation and yourself and identifying what your underlying beliefs and behavioral patterns are. This is important, because your beliefs and patterns drive your feelings, which influence your decisions. Your decisions result in where you are and how you experience life.

By understanding your beliefs and patterns, you can identify what serves you and what doesn’t. Then you have the power to choose what to change.

The ‘tragic opportunity’ here is that it’s likely going to be emotionally challenging and painful, but the upside is a future of freedom to be who you want and achieve more than you think is possible.

Decide to Take Action 

Change comes from the decisions we make and the actions we take. It’s not enough to just want change and believe in it; you need to make change happen! The key to shaping and directing your life is to decide to take action.

Actions produce results; specific actions produce specific results. Consistent specific action is how we direct our lives to where we go, what we achieve, and who we become. Which all impacts how we feel.

 Creating Change to Improve Life in The Face Of Adversity

The decisions and choices we make during and after trauma are more powerful in shaping our life than the trauma itself is. That’s not to discredit the pain, frustration, and seriousness of trauma. The point is to realize that you have more power than you might realize. You do not have to be at the mercy of your circumstances because you can always decide to take action to change your life.

Decide and Act

Are you settling and accepting limitations? Where is that getting you? What is it costing you on a daily basis to settle?

Decide and set the standard for the life you want! Decide and act. Otherwise indecision could lead you into behaviors and beliefs that create a low quality of life.

You deserve more! Set the standard and stay committed to achieving the life you want.

Choose your power! Never give up!

Deborah Stathis

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