Two Steps to Embrace Change and Improve Your Life

  1. Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

With change comes the challenge of being outside our comfort zone. Knowing we need to break out of our comfort zone often creates anxiety, which is counterproductive as it is paralyzing. So we remain stagnant in a comfort zone that doesn’t serve us. In fact, it’s not even comfortable, just familiar!

It’s vital not to confuse the familiarity (comfort) of what you know with what is acceptable or good for you. For example, just because you’re used to a job, being tired or in pain doesn’t mean you should accept it as your normal!

Challenge yourself to go outside your comfort zone to claim your new life and recognize this as your choice, under your control. You can choose the familiar road and stay stagnant, or you can interpret that anxious feeling as a sign of exciting things to come and head down that road.

I invite you to reinterpret anxious feelings as signs of excitement. Use those feelings as fuel to drive you down the unknown road, holding the reins of your future!

  1. Challenge Your Perception of the Unknown

It may seem difficult to venture somewhere new and go in the direction of your dreams because it’s unknown, and that’s scary. However, staying somewhere that is destroying you because it’s familiar will be much more difficult in the long term. It’s far more difficult in the long term to do nothing (although it seems the easier and safer option in the short term) than it is to take the plunge into the unknown.

Let’s think about the perception that the unknown is scary and even risky. Let’s challenge that. Is it really? Isn’t it in fact more of a risk that you’ll end up with an undesirable result if you stay where you are and don’t take the plunge into the unknown toward what you do want? Isn’t it more likely that stepping into the direction of your heart is an exciting and positive move that, with every step, will positively increase your happiness and improve your life? 

Choose your power! Never give up!

Deborah Stathis

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