Beyond Trauma Seminar

  • Foundations of Creating a Life Beyond Trauma
  • The Power to Choose How to Be, How to Live, and How to Feel
  • Create Your Own Happiness
  • Understand That Suffering Does Not Validate Trauma
  • Acknowledgment and Celebration Increase Motivation
  • Take Action to Create Your New Life

    Creating Opportunities and Success

    • Identify and create opportunities from challenges, stress or trauma.
    • Uncover the lessons in your challenges, stress or trauma. Use that  knowledge to improve yourself, achieve your goals and create an enriched life.
    • Set goals and take action to build an enriched, happy and successful future.

      Your Personal and Professional Revival Plan

      • Address the various personal issues that arise as a result of challenges, stress or trauma.
      • Develop your individual action plan to achieve your specific goals – personal and/or professional.

        Defy the Victim Mentality

        • Understand the Victim Mentality and Break free of the Victim Bubble.
        • Work with Fear and Access Courage.


        Deborah offers Programs designed to create change and inspire the individual participants in a way which then translates into change and results for the group/team and business/organisation.

        Programs can be tailored to suit your group, team members and business/organisation.

        Programs Options

        One Workshop session per month for 3, 6 or 12 months
        One Workshop session per quarter for 12 months (Four Workshops)

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        "This is an insightful personal account of the journey an individual embarked on after significant trauma. As such, it is powerful, well itten, and uniquely helpful to healthcare professionals and others who have been on similar pathways."

        Professor John Olver AM, Medical Director at Epworth Rehabilitation (MBBS, MD (Melb), FAFRM (RACP))

        "Deborah’s book will inspire and challenge you as it was written from the heart. It is a testament to her courage, resilience, and “never say die” attitude… it gives the word ‘inspirational’ and the phrase “strength through adversity” whole new meanings. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough."

        Mr. Michael Glen, Partner, Rennick Briggs Lawyers, Melbourne, Australia.

        "This book offers inspiring insight to others who are navigating a pathway to recovery, following their own traumatic experiences. It has been a privilege and honor to be part of Deborah’s journey to wellness."

        Dr. Stephen Wood, Chiropractor and Acupuncturist, Specializing in Medical Acupuncture, (D.C., D.A., Grad. Dip. Acup., M.App.Sci (Acup.) (Melb))

        "It takes sheer determination to survive and recover from life-threatening injuries. A very special person can turn their adversity into an opportunity. Only an exceptional person can transform their darkest moments into light for others to see. Deb is that exceptional

        Simone Harding, World Leading Naturopath and Kinesiologist (B.H.Sc Naturopathy, Dip. Kinesiology)

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        Tragic Opportunities - Turn Tragedy Into Opportunity

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        Tragic Opportunities - Turn Tragedy Into Opportunity

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